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CoMet — a web-server for fast comparative functional profiling of metagenomes

CoMet allows you to compare the metabolic potential of metagenomes in terms of Pfam protein domains and the associated Gene Ontology (GO) terms. Our server implements a complete pipeline for functional profiling of multiple metagenomes: starting with an upload of multi-FASTA DNA sequence files (ideally one metagenome per file), subsequent ORF-finding is combined with a (very!) fast Pfam matching to compute the sequence assignments. Finally, a comparative statistical analysis based on pairwise tests on the assignment counts is performed to identify significantly differing domain families and GO-terms. The results include graphical and tabular output for a quick overview of the metagenomic differences.

For more information please refer to:
Lingner T, Asshauer KP, Schreiber F, Meinicke P.
CoMet—a web server for comparative functional profiling of metagenomes.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011

Take a look at a typical CoMet example output (following Dinsdale et al., Nature, 2008).

CoMet submission page

If you are using CoMet results please cite the abovementioned publication.

Please note that due to space constraints CoMet jobs are deleted after 2 month.

For uploading very large datasets, comments or questions related to CoMet please send an e-mail to We also appreciate feature requests and bug reports :)